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“. . . it worked in a bizarre, inexplicable, but completely miraculous way. Simply put: my marriage has gone to a whole new level, my performance and productivity has skyrocketed, and my stress level has dropped. And none of this is anything that I'm doing consciously, it just HAPPENED.”
David Fried, writer, editor, actor

About Goalsmiths' PSYCH-K®, Hypnotherapy, & Coaching Services

We’ve been told making a lifestyle change is challenging. Most of us believe problems that have blocked us for years won’t simply vanish after a few counseling sessions. And indeed if we attempt to “fix it fast” it’s like sweeping dust and dirt under a rug; one dreadful day you’ll need to pull back that rug and deal with the emotional debris.

Meet the inspired work of Evelyn Talmadge. Using a powerful combination of three therapeutic modalities, Evelyn is able to address long-standing unresolved issues, like childhood trauma, that have haunted you and made it nearly impossible for you to meet your goals.

Or perhaps your issues are not something you’ve struggled with all your life.

Instead they are present, happening now in your life. But like longer term problems, they are equally debilitating. Maybe you’re dealing with the mournful death of a friend or family member. Or possibly a lay-off that came as a complete surprise. Or maybe it’s some sort of addictive behavior. It could be any life circumstance that knocks the wind out of you, leaving you fragile and unsure. Evelyn’s practice at Goalsmiths is designed to identify self-destructive or unhealthy behaviors, lingering pain points, hurts and unresolved circumstances and quickly eradicate them from your life.

Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? It isn’t.

Instead, the work, built on sound, research-based theory and principles, is a dramatic departure from traditional therapies and consistently delivers a powerful change.

The three modalities: Hypnotherapy, Strategic Coaching, and PSYCH-K® form the basis of Evelyn’s practice. Used in combination or singularly, Evelyn’s approach and delivery quickly creates for you a deeper degree of mental and emotional health, comfort and happiness.

What Our Clients Say

How Can PSYCH-K® & Hypnotherapy Help Me?

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Change negative behaviors and habits so you can live your life and perform with energy, potency, confidence and creativity.

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Solve everyday problems that dog you or major issues that are getting in the way of success, in any area of your life.



Create accountability for the actions you want to take and the accomplishments and goals you wish to achieve.

The Three Treatment Modalities


In the skilled hands of Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Evelyn Talmadge, Hypnotherapy becomes gentle and safe, unique to you and engineered to bring about lasting change.

Hypnotherapy is a method to reach the subconscious mind directly through a state called a trance that is similar to a deep meditative state. It is a place of comfort and deep focus which allows you the ability to look at the issues, the behavior of others, or incidents that concern or have upset you.

Through this state you can actually work through many negative emotions and beliefs about others and/or yourself. This allows you to change your negative views, beliefs and feelings along with any reactions that do not serve you. Through this work, you can release old negative feelings and behaviors veiled as upsets or traumas that may plague you.

Hypnotherapy, facilitated by Evelyn, will help you turn negative mental programming, emotions and destructive habits to a positive position, with rich dimension, clarity and emotional health.

Strategic Coaching

Strategic Coaching is a way of helping you find solutions to your problems whether those problems are personal, business or relationship issues. Through strategic approaches and exercises developed for self-discovery, you’ll see and feel the impact of the work almost immediately. Habitual behaviors fall away exposing a happier, healthier and more connected you.

With a focus on transformation and growth, Evelyn’s Strategic Coaching starts with her ability to attentively listen. That skill, combined with her years of experience, helps her to accurately understand your pain points, and decide on the series of exercises that make the biggest and swiftest impact.

From this unique approach to strategic coaching flows freedom. Freedom that translates into higher self-esteem and value; a centered spirit that makes you feel less stressed and more balanced. More secure. More worthwhile.


Shorthand for Psychological Kinesiology, Psych-K® is a method used to change subconscious negative beliefs faster than many traditional therapies.

Many of the Psych-K® techniques are based on both ancient and modern modalities of healing. Psych-K® modalities encompass such techniques as acupressure, belief declarations, visualizations and kinesiology.

Because Psych-K® is a non-evasive way of getting to negative unconscious beliefs, Evelyn uses the modality in her practice to help you swiftly reprogram your subconscious. That reprogramming allows you to change the beliefs that harm, hurt or hold you back and replace those beliefs with powerful, positive beliefs of your choosing.

No doubt you’re new to the powerful experience of Psych-K®. Without being overly dramatic, it has the power to overhaul and change your life view. Backed by her years of Psych-K® study and training, Evelyn is able to use the full potential and power of Psych-K® to deliver faster, lasting results.