What Clients Are Saying

What People Are Saying About Goalsmiths

Chaska Peacock shares her success of letting go of a 60 year old trauma while working with Evelyn.


“Working with Evelyn is like sitting next to your best friend as you envision the life you’ve always wanted.”
– Susan Chesney, writer, Santa Rosa, California
“I had three sessions with Evelyn, and have been talking to people nonstop about the results of what she did. Although Psych-K® sounded “woo-woo” or, as my parents would say, “Touchie-feelie pscyho-babble BS,” the fact of the matter is that this worked in a bizarre, inexplicable, but completely miraculous way. Simply put: my marriage has gone to a whole new level, my performance and productivity has skyrocketed, and my stress level has dropped. And none of this is anything that I’m doing consciously, it just HAPPENED.”
– David Fried, writer, editor, actor, Austin, Texas

“Working with Evelyn was truly amazing.”
– Dawn Welch, Naturopath, Homeopath, Peoples Pharmacy, Austin, Texas

“I had been struggling with a co-dependent relationship, the attachment was incredible and the pain worse. I couldn’t seem to stop the terrible feelings of hurt and rejection and could not seem to extricate myself from the relationship.
“During an episodes of unbelievable anguish Evelyn worked with me. After the session the gut wrenching pain was gone. “I want to thank you Evelyn, your work is amazing and I now feel wonderful and in control of my own life now.”
– Ms. M. Perez, Austin Texas


“My daughter of 16 was going blind due to progressive myopia. She was also having difficulties in school, an excellent student she was uncomfortable with most of the other kids in her class. After several sessions with Evelyn, she was able to read a line on the eye chart that she could not read before. After six weeks she not only was able to see better but found herself so much happier, more confident and outgoing.”
– Name withheld upon request

“I have had tension headaches all my adult life. It has been over three years since Evelyn and I balanced for my tension headaches and since then I have not had a single one! In addition, Evelyn has helped me feel calmer, happier, and more self-assured, day-to-day.”
– Phaedra Kline, artist, Austin, Texas

“I’ve been battling a super-rare cancer for nearly 3 years now. I’ve been through numerous cycles of chemotherapy and surgeries. I have been feeling fatigue that has been debilitating. After just one session with Evelyn, I noticed a dramatic positive difference in my energy level, and my fatigue lessened substantially. The energy work she performed did miracles for me. I’m keeping Evelyn as part of my on-going therapy routine because it’s not just about living; it’s about LIVING WELL!”
– Chris B., Business Manager, Lago Vista, Texas

“Evelyn Talmadge began working with my mother who was suffering from a large wound that many of her nurses thought would never heal. After five sessions her wound has nearly healed! She also suffers from dementia and was unable to sit up and feed herself and now she is doing just that.. It is amazing what Evelyn has accomplished.”
– Daniel Gill, CPA , Austin Texas

“ . . . in my second session with Evelyn I worked on the issue of contentment. I immediately noticed a difference, but there were two side benefits as well. My ‘higher than normal’ blood pressure is now a healthy “normal” – which I have now maintained for over five years. But the biggest gift I’ve received from her was the ability to finally feel and maintain the motivation to stop smoking . . . I have now been smoke-free for over four years! Thank you Evelyn.”
– Penny McConnell, Penny’s Pastries, business consultant, Austin, Texas

“It works! I had two ‘healings’ by Evelyn Talmadge for shoulder and arm pain that was keeping me up at night. There was a difference after the first healing and three days after the second, the pain was gone! This is a wonderful alternative to numbing medication, which is only temporary, anyway. I’m not sure how or why, I just know that it does work. I highly recommend Evelyn as a practitioner.”
– Diane Graden, business owner, Austin, Texas

“My twelve year old daughter worked with Evelyn Talmadge several times to heal some very serious emotional and physical issues. Eating was difficult for several years for she became quite ill after ingesting foods and internal bleeding eventually became a very pressing issue. Even after visiting traditional medical doctors and alternative healers the root cause of the illness could not be found and weight loss and weakness were severe side effects and she had few friends for she could not participate in many activities.

“Evelyn’s tools showed us where my daughter was emotionally. She helped address the underlying issues that were found to cause her problems. “The best part was, working with Evelyn was fun for my daughter and she looked forward to her appointments! “It has been 6 months since her last session and she is now healed. She is eating regular meals and is gaining weight. Her outlook on life is very positive and she is enjoying a happy and healthy social life.”
– C. S., caterer, Santa Rosa, California


“She personally helped me to let go of a great sadness over the traumatic death of a loved one. I changed both at the emotional and physical levels. In turn this has allowed me to truly enjoy the memories of the loved one who passed, where before it was too painful to even ponder. Thank you Evelyn.”
– Jim Meyer, PharmD, CCN, MS, People’s Pharmacy, Austin, Texas

“For the past few years I was having a bit of a “blue” streak during the holidays. This past fall, I worked with Evelyn to figure out some strategies and try a different approach to the holiday season. It worked GREAT! I can’t tell you HOW it worked, but it did, with flying colors! It was the best December in over 10 years. If you have a roadblock in your life that you need some help navigating, I would highly recommend visiting with Evelyn.”
– Brad Closson, Connective Management, Operations Planning, Austin, Texas

“Evelyn has been a staple in my life and through her work I am now able to express and talk about my childhood without all of the negative feelings that use to arise. The work with her has truly changed my life. I am now very happily married and have become involved in a thriving youth centered educational program, Life Changers, as a Senior Associate. These are things I only dreamed of and are now a part of my life. Thank you Evelyn, you are appreciated more than you know.”
– Glen P. Mayes II Owner and Head Secuity, P.T. Securities, Senior Associate, Life Changers, Inc., Austin, Texas

“Evelyn Talmadge, you are my Annie Sullivan! I see and feel so different after spending such a short period of time with you. I feel like I am seeing for the first time, ever!”
– Joey McGirr, President, McGirr Social Media Communications, Austin, Texas

“My session with Evelyn was nothing short of amazing! In just one session we solved an issue, which was creating stress in all areas of my life. I can’t wait to work magic with her again on other blockages.”
– Sue Gratter, Publisher, Natural Awakenings Magazine, Austin, Texas

“ I had a session to release grief emotions from the tragic loss of a friend and from past childhood trauma. Evelyn’s loving energy and presence was heartwarming and easy to open up to as she provided the space to transform my psyche. Thank you Evelyn for all that you do and for all that you are!”
– Kyung Yi-O’Kelly, Dahn Yoga instructor, Austin, Texas

“Over a period of 20 years, I had worked very hard with different therapists on childhood issues which, in spite of logic and my best intentions, continued to plague me in my adult life. My experience with Evelyn Talmadge amazed me at the time, and still continues to do so!

“She accomplished in 20 minutes what no one else had been able to. I can now recall the traumatic experience, remembering all of it, but without emotion. And, as if that isn’t miraculous enough, I am able to feel compassion toward the people I formerly saw as ‘perpetrators of a crime.’ I can’t thank Evelyn enough!”
– Chaska Peacock, artist, Psych-K Facilitator, Austin, Texas

“Evelyn has been an amazing catalyst for me. [She] has turned chaos into new patterns for me. Dealing with a dark depression I decided to work with her. Her questions turned up issues I wasn’t even conscious of, and her process transformed them.“ Here are just two examples of how Evelyn worked with me:
“Evelyn’s questioning made me aware that I was afraid of people in some deep way–that my behaviors were based on a fear that I would be “discovered” for something which would place me in danger, and that I couldn’t trust others to help me. Since working with her my experience of others has changed. A trip to visit an acquaintance felt like a love fest. [Feeling connected to and trusting others is now part of my life.] “. . . a sense of ‘emptiness’ was traced to my Dad’s feeling that he got the short end of the family’s fairness stick when a child which made him feel empty and unrecognized. Even though I had a blessed childhood, I was carrying my Dad’s issue. [Because of this] I was feeling unrecognized . . . I tried to fill the emptiness with unnecessary snacking, worries, and even by picking up his asthma. Immediately after [a session on this issue] I was able to choose whether to snack late or not and found there was a shift in my sense of fulfillment.
“The bottom line is, I’m recommending Evelyn to anyone with issues, large or small. She has a way of shifting your experience, which immediately allows you to feel more natural and peaceful.”
– Anne Beversdorf, Counseling Astrologer, artist, Austin, Texas

“I had a session with Evelyn on forgiveness. I was astounded and amazed that I spontaneously forgave myself and am so grateful for the experience. Also, because of Evelyn’s talent I now seem to have the ability to continue the process on my own which has allowed me to forgive others as well.”
– Beverly Ketcham, investor, Austin, Texas

“I came to my first session with a huge amount of skepticism. With Evelyn’s guidance that very first session replaced my initial skepticism with a big breakthrough that continues to have a positive impact on my business and my daily life. I am so happy that Evelyn brought her powerful technologoes into my life.”
– Penny McConnell, Penny’s Pastries, Austin, Texas

“Even though I study and teach about whole brain connection, I was a little hesitant about trying Psychological Kinesiology with Evelyn. Bypassing my conscious mind using muscle resistance [kinesiology]? My left-brain was very skeptical! However, Evelyn is such an expert in this field that I was soon convinced of its potency. She listened attentively, so that she could hone our work to address what I needed most. Since then I’ve seen a marked improvement in my reaction to stressful situations. Evelyn is truly gifted and remarkably kind. I recommend her highly.”
– Betty Rodgers, writer, Alternate Handwriting Expert and teacher, Austin, Texas


“Evelyn helped me address my reluctance to market myself and my distaste for administrative tasks. Her work is powerful and interestingly strange in the sense that it works through the subconscious. The net result is I find myself seeing and acting on opportunities to market myself and filing and bookkeeping no longer live as life threatening events. Net results for me = less effort/procrastination and improved sales results. Her expertise and high integrity are two of her great qualities.”
– Stan Tyler Director of Coaching at Austin Career Coaching, Austin Texas

“Evelyn and I met for a couple of sessions, and my experience was overwhelmingly positive. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, which is the scientist in me. In the session, we discussed my business and some of the blocks that I was having to future success. Through the course of the session, I could feel my attitudes change.
“Though very skeptical I found it truly fascinating and I am very grateful to her. I urge everyone to take advantage of her wonderful system.”
– Harvey Kitzman, Ph.D., MBA, Austin, Texas

“Evelyn, you are marvelous! Such an amazing healer and coach. I feel fantastic and see the opportunities growing around me. Give thanks for being so awesome!”
– Anne Marie Pizarro, R.N. and Healing Practitioner, Austin, Texas

“I met with Evelyn to get help reducing a mental state of poverty consciousness and to strengthen a mental state
of abundant consciousness. We clarified three goals that would help me achieve my end result. She helped me
distinguish which affirmations would work most effectively for me, and later tested me on the strength of those affirmations. The process was completely dependent on my needs and Evelyn assisted that process professionally
and with excitement and passion.
“Since my session with Evelyn I have felt very comfortable and excited to move forth on my goals. I look forward to continued progress with the path I’ve set out for myself, along with Evelyn’s assistance.”
– Noel Peterson, Classical Homeopathic Practitioner, Austin Clinic of Homeopathy, Austin, Texas

“With a background in healthcare and psychology, I was very skeptical entering my first session with Evelyn. Now I must say I am truly amazed at how well it worked for me.

“Anger towards a colleague was keeping me from being as productive as I usually am, but after working with Evelyn I was able to let go of my anger and give my business my full attention. From upset to happy in a just an hour and a half was truly amazing to me! I still do not understand how it works but I know it does. I highly recommend Evelyn for any issue one is dealing with and I certainly will use her services again.”
– Penny M. Crow, RHIA, Strategic Coach, Forward Leading Business Solutions, Austin Texas

”I had a session with Evelyn Talmadge and prior to the session she answered all my questions, and was the perfect combination of nurturing and fun. The session itself was powerful without being overbearing and Evelyn’s demeanor and expertise kept me at ease the whole time. I experienced major shifts almost immediately and I continue to move forward (unstuck!). If you are considering a session with Evelyn I would absolutely recommend that you give it a try!”
– Ragen Chastain, writer, speaker, choreographer, National Champion dancer, Danceswithfat.org, Austin, Texas

“I was pleased to work with Evelyn Talmadge . . . I felt that I had tried just about every process that promises, ‘changing beliefs, patterns, etc.’ But I found her work to be quite different and the results immediate and ongoing.
“At the start of our first session I had an issue I wanted to work on when another more important one came up for me. With Evelyn’s guidance I was able to work through the important issue that arose and found the results quite amazing. Evelyn’s skills, her nurturing approach as well as her years of life and business experience make it easy to work with her. I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with an issue that may be hindering his or her happiness or success. The results are amazing and Evelyn is a pro at helping you achieve what you want.”
– Belinda Mendoza, Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Design For Energy, Austin, Texas